Kuza Dolls :

Ku·za (koo'za) taken from the African Language of Swahili, spoken mainly in Central and Eastern Africa. v. 1.Develop. 2.Educate. 3.Exalt. 4.Foster. 5.Glorify. 6.Make grow. 7.Praise. 8.Increase -adj.1.Flourishing (of a tree). 2.Lush.

Kuza LogoKuza® Products Company, Inc. began operations in 1979 as a marketer of ethnichair care products. By Kuza®'s association with Beauty Enterprises, Inc., the world's largest and leadingdistributor of Black Beauty Products, its market share has enjoyed tremendous growth. Kuza Doll

As Kuza® Products Company grew, it expanded its product line and most recently launched its new "Kuza® Kidz" dolls. The dolls of color are created to help promote self acceptance, enhance self esteem and foster pride in black children.

Today, Kuza® is recognized as one of the world's largest importers of Dolls of Color.

For more information on Kuza® Kidz please go to kuzaproducts.com

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